About Innovative Youth Forum (IYF)

(Youth Can Cure The World)


IYF is a youth group created by the students of different universities from all over the world including University of Nattingom, University of Swat , University of Malakand, University of Peshawar and University of Richland, Texas and many more on August 17, 2011. As the name indicates, it is not specified to any place, language, culture or religion etc, but it is open house for the youth to involve them in positive acts. Our activities are mostly innovative, creative and research based.


Developing the society through creation and innovation by finding out the interests of youth and diverting it towards positive acts and developing their self actualization level


To provide physical, financial and spiritual assistance to the youth of the world and to provide them the most easiest platform to explore their talent and coordinate their activities

  • ·     To find out the fields of interests of youth and youngsters
  • ·     To divert the interests of youth towards the betterment of the society
  • ·     To educate and civilize the people and develop social entrepreneurship 
  • .     To aware the students about practical education and to practice their skills through activities of their fields 
Contact Details:
Website: www.innovativeyouthforum.org
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/innovativeyouthforum
Facebook Group: www.facebook.com/groups/innovativeyoutforum
Email: Info@innovativeyouthforum.org